Friday, May 9, 2014

Prezi Google Tips

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  1. Hi Florencia,
    Your tips were short and to the point. I liked that. I also enjoyed hearing how you related how you would use them to your eveyrday life. It seems as though might be missing a few points. check the list below. If there is something you would like to add, feel free to add it and let me know so I can recheck it.
    -Shares 3 search tips on wiki, shares two resources on wiki, shares 1 Google -Search Tip with Class
    -3 Google Search Tips (in presentation) and how they make you a more effective, efficient, independent user of technology outside of this class and in their daily lives with SPECIFIC examples and use images
    -Reflects on the presentation tool they choose and if they would use it in other situations and why.
    -Creates links in their presentation to at least 2 resources.
    -Presentation is easy to read and follow. (minimal text NO PARAGRAPHS, font color and size)
    -What levels of learning have you shown in this challenge 1-4 (look at "How Am I Graded")? Explain, reflect and use examples to back it up. (Don’t say I tried really hard, or I did everything so I should get a 4.)